English Splash!

English Splash!.

An online resource for teachers of secondary school students who are deaf or hard of hearing.  It has teaching tools, approaches, unique issues and resources for the teacher.  Can be used by paraprofessionals, too.

This is produced and maintained by Pepnet.

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Career highlights of Deaf people

What do Lisa Fishbein, Rosa Lee Gallimore, Jose Silva, Lillian Garcia, Matthew Baker, Sean Kelly,  Kimberly Dodge D.V.M., Dr. Angel Santiago, Dr. Scott Smith, M.D., MPH, Claudia Gordon, Esq., Elizabeth Rios, Jimmy Libman, Lee Kramer, Theresa King, Ben Magee, Dawn Schakett, Van Nguyen, Brian Doane, Marilyn J. Smith, Curtis J. Pride, Cesar A. Torres and Yolanda Rodgrigues-Fraticelli have in common?

You’re right if you said they all are deaf.  But did you know that Pepnet and NEATAC issued 5 DVDs detailing the career stories of these folks in a series they call Achieving Goals ? The DVDs are on the shelves in the upper school LRC.

If you are teaching Deaf culture, and/or career education, be sure to use these in your classrooms.

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Twilight series

Three new paperbacks have been added to the jr/sr high collection: Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse are on the new book display in Perkins Library.

Thanks to Nancy Forsberg, who read the whole series and loved it, for the recommendation.  Hope to see these titles fly off the shelf!

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Fairy tales in ASL with book

Two newly adapted versions of favorite fairy tales: The princess and the pea and Rapunzel are now in our elementary school LRC.  There is a book and a DVD for each story.  Pinky Aiello narrates both stories in beautiful ASL
You’ll find these gems on the shelf in the 398.2 Dewey section.  The DVD is in a back of the book pocket.  If you have a problem with the DVD please let us know.

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Gil Eastman media added

Hooray, we just added an autobiography of Gil Easman on DVD from Harris communications.  It’s already spoken for but we will put it on hold for you if you wish.

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Hello ASD Library world!

Welcome to the 21st Century ASD Library Blog. You do not need a special account to access this information.

In this area the library will:

  1. Post newest additions to the various collections.
  2. Post a calendar showing reserved times for various library equipment
  3. Publish useful URLs (links to neat stuff)
  4. Solicit your feedback
  5. Post links to forms for teaching support
  6. Welcome exchange of ideas
  7. Experiment.  Experiment.  Experiment

Are you with me?  Let’s boogie!

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