YouTube -Described Captioned Media

YouTube – dcmpnad’s Channel.

I will bet you didn’t know that the described captioned media program has some sign language videos available for free on you tube.  I learned a new sign while I was watching the Vocabulary Builders in Sign Language for English. (I knew how to sign ‘character’ but not ‘characteristic’).

The YouTube  movie is not searchable but I imagine the DVD that you can borrow from DCMP would be more effectively utilized.  I think its great that DCMP is moving along side us in this century!

Tell how you liked it.

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Reading challenges

Marc Marschark is the lead author on a research paper presented in the latest issue of American Annals of the Deaf, vol.154, no.4, 2009.  Are deaf students’ reading challenges really about reading? The article posits “…that deaf students face many of the same challenges in comprehending sign language as they do in comprehending text suggest that difficulties frequently observed in their learning from text may involve more than just reading.” (From the abstract, p. 357.)  Researching college students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the authors found that students understand less of a signed lecture than they think they do.

If you’re signed up to have this journal routed to you, it will be coming after vacation.  If you aren’t and would like to see it, contact us in the upper LRC.

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Fairy tales in ASL with book

Two newly adapted versions of favorite fairy tales: The princess and the pea and Rapunzel are now in our elementary school LRC.  There is a book and a DVD for each story.  Pinky Aiello narrates both stories in beautiful ASL
You’ll find these gems on the shelf in the 398.2 Dewey section.  The DVD is in a back of the book pocket.  If you have a problem with the DVD please let us know.

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CDC Hurricanes | Hurricane Audio, Video, and Multimedia Resources

CDC Hurricanes | Hurricane Audio, Video, and Multimedia Resources.

Four videos in ASL with emergency information about hurricanes are now posted at this CDC website.  Very interesting.

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