4 Ways To Email Attachments When The File Extension Is Blocked

4 Ways To Email Attachments When The File Extension Is Blocked.

During our last workshop, the question came up: how large should my flash drive be?  I couldn’t provide an answer because everyone uses the flash drive differently.  But if you don’t have room on your flash drive, here are some ways to work around that – at least temporarily.

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Quad Times

Brad Moseley has been adapting the news for the Quad students on a daily basis. We are presenting here some of his efforts in hopes that you will find them useful for your students, too. Brad, thanks for sharing and for believing in the power of the blog. <a

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Digital Collections

Digital Collections.

The University of Exeter provides a showcase of Victorian images in digital format.  You may enjoy seeing Alice in Wonderland pictures as a slide show.  “You’ll find 3d objects, pictures from periodicals, cartoons, manuscripts, postcards, playbills and much more.”

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Word Vine – Puzzle Games at Miniclip.com – Play Free Online Games

Word Vine – Puzzle Games at Miniclip.com – Play Free Online Games.

Have a ton of fun learning about compound words.  Suitable for older students.

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Visual Recipes – Free Recipes with Step-by-Step Pictures

Visual Recipes – Free Recipes with Step-by-Step Pictures.

Hey, folks, even Kirsten is impressed!!!

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Visual Fractions – A Fraction Tutorial

Visual Fractions – A Fraction Tutorial.

This website is basically free.  The ability to construct your own worksheets would cost a bit but for the most part, you can use every game, worksheet, powerpoint lesson at will.

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Privacy week: plan ahead

Choose Privacy Week ”  May 2-8, 2010 is a new initiative from the American Library Association, Office for Intellectual Freedom.  It is aimed at ecnouraging dialogue about privacy rights in a digital age.  The program encourages libraries to educate citizens and help them make informed,  critical choices about privacy options.

More information at http://www.privacyrevolution.org

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Self-evaluation – English

Self-Evaluation Rubric

Title of the piece: _________________________________

Author: ______________________________ Date: _____________

Rate your piece of writing using the system below.


Clear purpose        5    4    3    2    1     Unclear purpose

Use of detail        5    4    3    2    1    No detail

Word Choice

Strong verbs & nouns    5    4    3    2    1    Weak verbs & nouns

New vocabulary tried    5    4    3    2    1    No new vocabulary


Clear voice            5    4    3    2    1    Voice not apparent


Clear sequence/flow    5    4    3    2    1    Unclear sequence/flow

Effective paragraphing    5    4    3    2    1    Ineffective Paragraphing

Strong lead            5    4    3    2    1    Poor lead

Strong conclusion        5    4    3    2    1    Poor conclusion

Clear transitions        5    4    3    2    1    Poor transitions

Sentence Fluency

Sentence variety        5    4    3    2    1    No sentence variety

Correct sentence                             Incomplete or run-on

Structure            5    4    3    2    1    sentences



Edited for grammar    5    4    3    2    1    Not edited

Edited for punctuation    5    4    3    2    1    Not edited

Edited for spelling        5    4    3    2    1    Not edited

I like/dislike this piece because:

The easiest part of writing this piece was:

The hardest part of writing this piece was:

If I had more time, I would change:

Other comments:

Grade I earned for this piece: _____ Explain why you deserve this grade.

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Rubrics we use – English

Self-Evaluation Rubric

Ideas Word Choice Voice Organization Sentence Fluency Conventions
5 Clear purpose and main idea

Makes point well

Good supporting details

Has control of topic

to read

Strong verbs

Interesting variety of words

Tried new and unusual words

Paints a picture of the reader

Fully involved writer

Style and personality show through


Reader gets a real feel for the author

Good, clear sequence

Effective paragraphs

Details leading to main point

Strong lead

Strong conclusion

Writing makes sense

Variety of kinds of sentences

Correct sentence structure

Sentences make meaning clear

Few grammar errors

Few punctuation errors

Proofreading evident

Very readable

Easy to understand

3 Main idea somewhat developed

Few details

Purpose not really clear

Partly makes a point

Some word variety

Uses adequate but ordinary words

Few new or exciting words

Writer shows some of self

Involvement is inconsistent

Only little sense of who the writer is and what s/he feels or believes

Some good sequence and paragraphing but inconsistent

Weak lead or weak conclusion

Some ideas out of place

Confusing to follow the story

Some variety of sentences

Some run-on or incomplete sentences

Does not flow well

Sometimes hard to understand

Noticeable grammar errors

Noticeable punctuation errors

Sometimes confusing or difficult to understand

1 Lacks clear main idea

Purpose is unclear

No supporting details

Makes no point

Repeats words

Reader gets no picture

Dull or overused words

No new words tried

Dull and lifeless

Readers gets no idea of who writer is

No passion about this topic

Sentence and idea arrangements confusing

Ideas disconnected

No Paragraphing

No clear beginning or end

Hard to follow


Incomplete or run-on sentences

No variety

Hard to read and understand

Many grammar errors

Many punctuation errors

Spelling errors

Paragraphing errors

Difficult to understand

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Timeline: Eastman, Gilbert Charles, prepared by Gary Wait for American School for the Deaf


Born: 12 September 1934 in Middletown, Conn.

Entered ASD: September 1937, as student # 3719.

Activities at ASD:

Jan/Feb. 1952 attended Gallaudet Student Institute at Gallaudet Coll.

Member of Student Association Board (1951)

Participated in Gallaudet Day Ceremonies, 7 Dec. 1951

Member Clerc Literary Society

Won prize for original story, “King Edward’s Secret Wall”,

December 1950

1949/50, 1950/51 Reported “Boys’ News” for American Era.

Graduated, ASD: 13 June 1952.

Entered Gallaudet College: September 1952

Elected to Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities, 1957.

Graduated from Gallaudet College (A.B. in art), 1957.

Married June Russi (ASD # 3846), a professional actress [date?]

1957-1992: Founder of, and Instructor in, Gallaudet College’s Drama Dept.;

from 1963 as Dept. Chairman.

1963, earned an A.M. in drama from Catholic Univ. in Washington, D.C.,

the first deaf person to earn such a degree.

Summers 1967, ’68,’71 attended, acted and taught in NTD summer


1972 wrote an ASL version of Antigone. Performed at the Kennedy Cen.

1972 wrote Sign Me Alice.

1977 wrote Laurent Clerc: a Profile.

1982 wrote What.

1983 wrote Alladin and His Magic Lamp.

1985-1995 Co-host of Deaf Mosaic [TV], for which he received an Emmy


1989 published book, From Mime to Sign.

1992 Founders’ Day, visits ASD for celebration of school’s 175th


1996 Published Just a DEAF Person’s Thoughts, a corpus of experiences,

quotes, and ideas about being deaf.

1998 Visits ASD for dedication of the restored Clerc Burial plot at

Spring Grove Cemetery; presents an address on that occasion,

part of which is printed in the Spring 1998 issue of the Era. Also

served as LSF interpreter for the French visitors at the dedication


2006 October 13: Visits ASD to be inducted into the School’s Hall of

Fame for outstanding lifetime achievement.

2006 Dec 2 Died of cancer.

In Eastman’s memory, the black-box theatre in Gallaudet’s Elstad Center

was named the Gilbert C. Eastman Studio Theatre.



“Profile : Gilbert C. Eastman” in American Era, Spring 1993, p. 11.

Photos and brief biographies in souvenir programs of NTD productions.

Eastman, Gilbert C., ‘Glittering Forever’ portion of an address given at

ASD during the Clerc Headstone ceremonies, in American Era,

Spring 1998, p. 9. In this he describes Clerc’s funeral

“Gilbert C. Eastman” in: Harry G. Lang and Bonnie Meath-Lang, Deaf

Persons in the Arts and Sciences (Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press,

1995), p. 103-105.

A tribute to Eastman, with cover photo, appeared in the February 2007 issue

of Deaflife.

The best website biography of Eastman is:


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