Ready Kids: Hurricane Preparedness

Ready Kidsof the Federal Emergency Management Agency – FEMA.

Teaching about hurricanes?  Here’s an interactive website provided by FEMA for kids!

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YouTube -Described Captioned Media

YouTube – dcmpnad’s Channel.

I will bet you didn’t know that the described captioned media program has some sign language videos available for free on you tube.  I learned a new sign while I was watching the Vocabulary Builders in Sign Language for English. (I knew how to sign ‘character’ but not ‘characteristic’).

The YouTube  movie is not searchable but I imagine the DVD that you can borrow from DCMP would be more effectively utilized.  I think its great that DCMP is moving along side us in this century!

Tell how you liked it.

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ebrary: H1N1 (Influenza) Searchable Info Ctr

ebrary: Library Info.

To enable people to discover valuable H1N1 data, we created a highly interactive database of PDF documents from government agencies and other authoritative sites (copyrights permitting or with permission). We plan to continually grow this collection and welcome your feedback by emailing

From the website’s welcome message.

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| Nature Deficit Survey

National Environmental Education Week | Nature Deficit Survey.

This is an on line survey that requires students to read and comprehend  a New York Times article “Growing up denatured” and respond to an online survey in time for National Environmental education week (April 11-17th 2010).

I never thought of staying indoors as a disorder but this is activity encourages teachers and students to approach nature differently.

–as cited in: Educational Leadership Dec. 2009/Jan. 2010 p. 27

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CAST Science Writer

CAST Science Writer.

CAST presents an accessible writing tool for students who need help writing science reports and observations.  The tool is free and the instructional videos are captioned.

You certainly can’t beat the price!

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