YouTube -Described Captioned Media

YouTube – dcmpnad’s Channel.

I will bet you didn’t know that the described captioned media program has some sign language videos available for free on you tube.  I learned a new sign while I was watching the Vocabulary Builders in Sign Language for English. (I knew how to sign ‘character’ but not ‘characteristic’).

The YouTube  movie is not searchable but I imagine the DVD that you can borrow from DCMP would be more effectively utilized.  I think its great that DCMP is moving along side us in this century!

Tell how you liked it.

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Visual Fractions – A Fraction Tutorial

Visual Fractions – A Fraction Tutorial.

This website is basically free.  The ability to construct your own worksheets would cost a bit but for the most part, you can use every game, worksheet, powerpoint lesson at will.

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Online Math Games – Free and for Kids

Online Math Games – Free and for Kids.

You’ll find really fun games here for various levels of basic operations (+,-,/,*) and the ability to report scores to the teacher.  There is a pacman like mixed operation game.  The player has to eat a question mark that gives the answer to which ‘ghost’ he might destroy.  Hey, if people weren’t watching me, I’d still be playing. 🙂

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Illuminations: Dynamic Paper

Illuminations: Dynamic Paper.

“Use “Dynamic Paper” to create number lines, grids, tessellations, shapes, spinners, nets, and more. This web resource is an invaluable tool for math educators. The objects that are created can be exported as PDF files to be used in worksheets or as Jpeg images for use in other web applications or programs. The site can certainly save a lot of time if you have been trying to create diagrams using word processing applications!”

Cited by TeachersFirst:Week of December 13, 2009

Website is provided by NCTM  This site can be used from elementary to high school by math and science teachers (there’s measurement in the lab, isn’t there?)

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