Rubrics we use – English

Self-Evaluation Rubric

Ideas Word Choice Voice Organization Sentence Fluency Conventions
5 Clear purpose and main idea

Makes point well

Good supporting details

Has control of topic

to read

Strong verbs

Interesting variety of words

Tried new and unusual words

Paints a picture of the reader

Fully involved writer

Style and personality show through


Reader gets a real feel for the author

Good, clear sequence

Effective paragraphs

Details leading to main point

Strong lead

Strong conclusion

Writing makes sense

Variety of kinds of sentences

Correct sentence structure

Sentences make meaning clear

Few grammar errors

Few punctuation errors

Proofreading evident

Very readable

Easy to understand

3 Main idea somewhat developed

Few details

Purpose not really clear

Partly makes a point

Some word variety

Uses adequate but ordinary words

Few new or exciting words

Writer shows some of self

Involvement is inconsistent

Only little sense of who the writer is and what s/he feels or believes

Some good sequence and paragraphing but inconsistent

Weak lead or weak conclusion

Some ideas out of place

Confusing to follow the story

Some variety of sentences

Some run-on or incomplete sentences

Does not flow well

Sometimes hard to understand

Noticeable grammar errors

Noticeable punctuation errors

Sometimes confusing or difficult to understand

1 Lacks clear main idea

Purpose is unclear

No supporting details

Makes no point

Repeats words

Reader gets no picture

Dull or overused words

No new words tried

Dull and lifeless

Readers gets no idea of who writer is

No passion about this topic

Sentence and idea arrangements confusing

Ideas disconnected

No Paragraphing

No clear beginning or end

Hard to follow


Incomplete or run-on sentences

No variety

Hard to read and understand

Many grammar errors

Many punctuation errors

Spelling errors

Paragraphing errors

Difficult to understand

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