Career highlights of Deaf people

What do Lisa Fishbein, Rosa Lee Gallimore, Jose Silva, Lillian Garcia, Matthew Baker, Sean Kelly,  Kimberly Dodge D.V.M., Dr. Angel Santiago, Dr. Scott Smith, M.D., MPH, Claudia Gordon, Esq., Elizabeth Rios, Jimmy Libman, Lee Kramer, Theresa King, Ben Magee, Dawn Schakett, Van Nguyen, Brian Doane, Marilyn J. Smith, Curtis J. Pride, Cesar A. Torres and Yolanda Rodgrigues-Fraticelli have in common?

You’re right if you said they all are deaf.  But did you know that Pepnet and NEATAC issued 5 DVDs detailing the career stories of these folks in a series they call Achieving Goals ? The DVDs are on the shelves in the upper school LRC.

If you are teaching Deaf culture, and/or career education, be sure to use these in your classrooms.

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