The goals for our Library


Library LRC Goals



  • Collaborate with heads of departments to make Libraries and LRCs more responsive to teacher and student needs

Meeting minutes

Lists of proposals and changes

Interactions with students and teachers (i.e. programs provided)

  • Continue providing up to date information resources including free and subscribed databases

 Workshops attended

Teacher feedback

General feedback

  • Compare our library/lrc programs to similar, local programs

Contacts initiated

Sites visited

  • Maintain and enhance staff communication

Newsletters disseminated

Number of requests for support met

  • Maintain professional communication with local and State library consortiums

Professional memberships

Professional workshops

  • Provide continuing support for library staff including sign language skills


Individual training

Group sign language classes

Staff meetings and minutes

  • Personal goal

    Improve ASL communication skills

Work with Sign Language instructor to set determine appropriate classes

Prepared by:  Roselle Weiner

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