Grammar Ninja

Grammar Ninja.

This simple, interactive game practices parts of speech by asking the viewer to click and identify specific parts of speech in sentences. The options for the game itself do not last long, even though there are three levels. Teacher and students can take the game into many more levels and use students’ own sentences, however, by downloading the “Grammar Ninja Sentence Creator” (GNSC). This software (available in both Mac and Windows versions) downloads as a “zipped” (compressed) file that opens to reveal a folder full of goodies. You will want to SAVE it on your desktop for easy access. There is an offline copy of the Grammar Ninja game and a separate Sentence Creator game. Open Sentence Creator and follow simple instructions to enter your own sentences and drag and drop labels onto the parts of speech. Then comes the “geek” part: the Sentence Creator has you copy and paste what appears to be scary computer code into a separate file within that folder of downloaded items. You can click for help that shows you what to do. Save the txt file you just copied and pasted, and YOUR sentence will show up when you play the Grammar Ninja game on THAT computer. Turn DOWN your speakers or the music will drive you crazy!

(from TeachersFirst Week of November 29)

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The goals for our Library


Library LRC Goals



  • Collaborate with heads of departments to make Libraries and LRCs more responsive to teacher and student needs

Meeting minutes

Lists of proposals and changes

Interactions with students and teachers (i.e. programs provided)

  • Continue providing up to date information resources including free and subscribed databases

 Workshops attended

Teacher feedback

General feedback

  • Compare our library/lrc programs to similar, local programs

Contacts initiated

Sites visited

  • Maintain and enhance staff communication

Newsletters disseminated

Number of requests for support met

  • Maintain professional communication with local and State library consortiums

Professional memberships

Professional workshops

  • Provide continuing support for library staff including sign language skills


Individual training

Group sign language classes

Staff meetings and minutes

  • Personal goal

    Improve ASL communication skills

Work with Sign Language instructor to set determine appropriate classes

Prepared by:  Roselle Weiner

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Presentation 11-25-2009

Presentation for SMT

  • Introduction
    • Basic demographics:
      • The current configuration of the libraries and learning resource center program serves students from pre-school through adult vocational services. Basically this group is broken into two distinct libraries:
        • Margaret Taylor Library – which serves pre-k through 6th grade
        • Henry Perkins Library – junior, senior high school
      • And two distinct Learning Resource Centers
        • Elementary or (LSLRC) which contains classroom teaching materials for pre-school through 6th grade teachers
        • JR/SR High (USLRC) which has materials for teaching older students.
      • These two libraries and resource centers are staffed by the Coordinator of Libraries and Learning Resource Center Services, the Library Aide (who is basically our cataloger), the Library clerk and the Elementary School teacher/librarian who reads stories to the students.


    • The difference between the materials kept in either the Library or the LRC is based on the following:
      • Would the student be able to access the item and/or benefit from the information on his/her own? (is it teaching material?)
      • Is the material of a sensitive nature such that we would not want underage students to have access to it?
      • Is the material of multiple copies so as to be used by a class (the libraries do not have space for sets of materials).
    • The third distinction is made for professional teaching materials that deal more with theoretical and practical issues in the field such as how to develop curriculum; research reports; conference proceedings; professional journals (e.g.: American Annals of the Deaf, Oxford Journal of Deaf Education, Exceptional Children etc.)
  • Also, we choose to participate in the State Library Interlibrary loan program. This allows us to continue our association with the State Library Consortium. ASD was a beta tester of the State Library Consortium ReQuest program that has evolved into ILL is part of this program. We have about 7 active borrowing public libraries. Through our membership in ILL we are also able to find materials we do not own which can be borrowed by students and any staff member.


  • Special events
    • Arranged by request from teaching staff and/or administration
    • Some ‘special’ activities are sometimes arranged by the librarian. These usually consist of interactive contests.
  • Specific numbers
    • Elementary school
      • Students: 56
      • Teachers: 14
    • Paces
      • Students
        • Elementary students: six
        • High school students: 32
      • Teachers: Seven
      • Counselors: Three
    • Junior/Senior High
      • Students = 95
      • Teachers = 26


  • Department Goals
    • Available at the blog site:
  • Program strengths
    • Large component of ASL materials
    • Many Deaf culture materials
    • Extensive high interest/low readability collection
    • Provide teaching assistance including preparation of PLP to teaching staff. Assistance with statistical information provided on request, too.
  • Areas needing improvement:
    • Communication
    • Aging equipment and furniture
      • Need to refurbish or replace computer tables, chairs and computers!
      • Need to replace tables and chairs
      • Need to add display stands.
    • Ambience:
      • weather in the library
      • decoration limitations for painting; floor covering and wall displays
  • Wobbly computer tables
    • Replace 3 tables for 6 computers with
      • 2 Paragon extra-large 3-station work center with leg twists for height adjustment making station accessible for wheelchair user @ 1,060/each from Demco. These work centers can be placed back to back to make a circle. If we get more computers, which we need, we could get one more circle for those. Total for 4 = $4,240.
    • Refurbish librarian work area
      • Meet with Fern
      • Meet with Jeff Bravin
      • Involve staff in discussion

Determine what can/cannot be done to solve heat/cold issue

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Twilight series

Three new paperbacks have been added to the jr/sr high collection: Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse are on the new book display in Perkins Library.

Thanks to Nancy Forsberg, who read the whole series and loved it, for the recommendation.  Hope to see these titles fly off the shelf!

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“Google to caption YouTube videos”

I don’t want to let on just how excited I am about this bit of news but it is almost the same excitement I felt when captioned TV became accessible “way back when.”.  The New York Times is reporting: “In the first major step toward making millions of videos on YouTube accessible to deaf and <sic> hearing-impaired people, Google unveiled new technologies on Thursday that will automatically bring text captions to many videos on the site”

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Fairy tales in ASL with book

Two newly adapted versions of favorite fairy tales: The princess and the pea and Rapunzel are now in our elementary school LRC.  There is a book and a DVD for each story.  Pinky Aiello narrates both stories in beautiful ASL
You’ll find these gems on the shelf in the 398.2 Dewey section.  The DVD is in a back of the book pocket.  If you have a problem with the DVD please let us know.

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CDC Hurricanes | Hurricane Audio, Video, and Multimedia Resources

CDC Hurricanes | Hurricane Audio, Video, and Multimedia Resources.

Four videos in ASL with emergency information about hurricanes are now posted at this CDC website.  Very interesting.

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‘Party in the USA’ in Sign Language – Urlesque

‘Party in the USA’ in Sign Language – Urlesque.

Miley Cyrus signs this song.  I was not familiar with any popular music until I watched this.

Like all modern music, it leaves me scratching my head…. Maybe younger people can relate to the content.

Let’s hear what YOU think about it

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Deaf Artists in the community…Exhibition

Thanks to Lamar University Dept of Deaf Studies we have a new CD “featuring Deaf Artists in the Community and Schools Exhibition. This was an exhibit sponsored by the National Endowment of the Arts….Deaf art is an important part of Deaf Studies and we hope that you enjoy the exhibition.”
This CD with video is on the shelf in the Upper LRC video cabinet under 759.13 etc. See the catalog record on Athena for more information.

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Tools ‹ ASD Library Blog — WordPress

Use Press This to clip text, images and videos from any web page.

Then edit and add more straight from Press This before you save or publish it in a post on your blog.

Tools ‹ ASD Library Blog — WordPress.

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