Hello ASD Library world!

Welcome to the 21st Century ASD Library Blog. You do not need a special account to access this information.

In this area the library will:

  1. Post newest additions to the various collections.
  2. Post a calendar showing reserved times for various library equipment
  3. Publish useful URLs (links to neat stuff)
  4. Solicit your feedback
  5. Post links to forms for teaching support
  6. Welcome exchange of ideas
  7. Experiment.  Experiment.  Experiment

Are you with me?  Let’s boogie!

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  1. now if only I could remember how to update this thing

  2. ahh..you changed it from having to moderate every comment…better..

  3. pish posh…you didnt approve my reply?

  4. I have found it..! Looks good.. add a few more postings to test other features..adding word docs, small powerpoints, etc.

    • Thanks for your comments. I think the whole thing is a PITN and takes longer than making the Ppoint for the new materials. there’s gotta be another way to communicate the new materials to staff. something MUCH easier than what we are doing or less time consuming. Time is, apparently not, fungible!

  5. Looks good, Roselle. Hope this gets a lot of use.

    • Thanks for checking it, Tom. Now we have to show Cisco that it _does_ work. He couldn’t find it! 🙂

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