English Splash!

English Splash!.

An online resource for teachers of secondary school students who are deaf or hard of hearing.  It has teaching tools, approaches, unique issues and resources for the teacher.  Can be used by paraprofessionals, too.

This is produced and maintained by Pepnet.

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Ready Kids: Hurricane Preparedness

Ready Kidsof the Federal Emergency Management Agency – FEMA.

Teaching about hurricanes?  Here’s an interactive website provided by FEMA for kids!

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YouTube -Described Captioned Media

YouTube – dcmpnad’s Channel.

I will bet you didn’t know that the described captioned media program has some sign language videos available for free on you tube.  I learned a new sign while I was watching the Vocabulary Builders in Sign Language for English. (I knew how to sign ‘character’ but not ‘characteristic’).

The YouTube  movie is not searchable but I imagine the DVD that you can borrow from DCMP would be more effectively utilized.  I think its great that DCMP is moving along side us in this century!

Tell how you liked it.

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Excitement in the air

The librarian comes back to school a bit earlier than the teaching staff. It’s quiet here. Paul L. pops in to deliver and pick up the mail usually when I’m not around (how do you manage that, Paul?) I’ve gone through several boxes of magazines and catalogs.

The bulletin boards are still decorated with last year’s themes but something new is fermenting on my back burner. Alternately, I attend to closing up some pre-summer chores (getting the summer school reading materials checked in and back on the shelves –surprised those penguins didn’t melt in the heat!!) but frequently my minds jumps back to the bulletin boards and I come up with another visual thinking maybe this word cloud will pique some interest in technology as a teaching tool. A stray email from an enthusiastic teacher fuels my own sense of impending change.

I think, too, how to get the staff involved in interaction with the library: I wish they would respond to blogs; respond to announcements of new materials; recommend materials to each other, critique what we have, talk about what they saw that worked….I’m hoping for enthusiasm.

Those are my goals. Let’s see what the year brings.

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ebrary: H1N1 (Influenza) Searchable Info Ctr

ebrary: Library Info.

To enable people to discover valuable H1N1 data, we created a highly interactive database of PDF documents from government agencies and other authoritative sites (copyrights permitting or with permission). We plan to continually grow this collection and welcome your feedback by emailing h1n1@ebrary.com.

From the website’s welcome message.

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Cybraryman Internet Catalogue

Cybraryman Internet Catalogue.

This link will bring you to a list of sites that will help you adjust teaching to the students’ learning styles.  There are links to teaching resources as well.

Have at ’em!

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What is differentiated instruction in curriculum design? | Answerbag

What is differentiated instruction in curriculum design? | Answerbag.

Many of us toss around the words but don’t really have a succinct definition.  Here it is in a nutshell. . .

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Quad Times updated!

Two new stories have been added to the Quad Times.

Be sure to check them out with your students.

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Careers – Cybraryman’s links


Bring yourself or your students to this website and check out “My first resume”; Follow up letter samples;  job hunting sites on line; “The Fun Works for Careers you never knew existed” etc.

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IT worked, it worked, it worked :)

That’s me, grinning ear to ear!

Under the heading Mutable Information you’ll find pages of information that will change periodically as newer matter comes to our desk. (That’s why its called ‘mutable’ – get it?) Anyway, try it for Quad Times and see if you and your students can read Brad’s newsletter for his class.

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